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Poldark Filming at Wells Town Hall.

Sunday 11 June, 2017

Wells Town Hall being transformed into Warleggan Bank

In February 2017, Wells Town Hall was visited by the cast and crew of the popular television drama Poldark who had started filming series 3 back in November 2016.

Poldark is a series of historical novels by Winston Graham, published from 1945 to 1953 and continued from 1973 to 2002.
The production company hired Wells Town Hall to film all the external scenes of the Warleggan Bank, supposed to be in Truro, Cornwall. They spent two days constructing new pillars and walls and generally changing the front of the building so that it looked suitable to be an 18th century bank. Then the stars and the extras took over the building and filming commenced.

Closed set on Poldark in SomersetDuring the filming it was a closed set, lots of keen Poldark fans were left behind the barriers trying to catch a glimpse of their favourite characters, however filming took place in February which meant it was very cold, so all the main characters and the extras, hid inside Wells Town Hall to keep warm when they weren’t on set. It was so chilly that the main characters Aiden Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson were seen clutching hot water bottles to keep them warm.

Aiden Turner getting ready to shoot a scene

All the extras were housed upstairs in the main hall, all the costumes were up one end, and the food down the other, whereas the main stars had private rooms to get changed in. During the filming it was silence inside the Town Hall and all the lights were turned off at the front of the building, staff and crew and cast were also not allowed to use the main entrance and instead used the back entrance through the cells to come and go.

The Crown at Wells also allowed the crew to dress up the cobble stoned rear courtyard and carpark so that scenes could be filmed there too.

The road next to Wells Town Hall which is called Town Hall Buildings and the corner next to Ask Italian, was also used to film a few scenes including soldiers marching up and down.

Soldiers waiting to start filming on Poldark

Wells Town Hall being transformed into Warleggan Bank

Wells Town Hall being transformed into Warleggan Bank




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