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Thursday 20 December, 2018

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Briefing for SWP Members, Partners and Staff January2019

NOTICE - 5.2.19

Apologies if your waste has yet to be collected. We know the areas affected, we are making every effort to get back to you, and much has already been achieved. Our hardworking crews will reach you as soon as possible.

With safety the first priority for collection crews and recycling site staff, kerbside services and sites were seriously affected on Friday. Indeed, we are aware that some communities on higher ground are still inaccessible.

To concentrate vehicles and crews on core tasks, garden waste collections have been suspended (as set out in the subscription terms and conditions).

We are making catch-up collections once usual services are completed, so do make sure your waste is out by 7am on Tuesday (or later if we face further delays).

To avoid litter from waste containers if windy, please squash all containers except glass and aerosols, and stack recycling boxes with heavier items – or the locked food bin – on top.

Recycling sites are all on their usual schedules and offer an option for those with excess waste or who are keen to clear materials, if they have time and transport.

All items in kerbside recycling (and dozens more, including household and food plastic pots, tubs and trays) can be recycled at recycling sites, except food waste.

If food waste cannot be recycled kerbside, it can be double bagged and placed in the skips for landfill burial.

Finally, if possible, please help older and vulnerable people in your community with any waste problems.

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Apologies again, and thank you for your help.



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