Wells City Archives and Civic Assets

The City Council is the custodian of a wide range of artefacts ranging from the tiniest seal to large portraits and from civic gifts to furniture and Caroline maces.

It is less well known that the City Council also cares for a unique collection of records which go back far beyond the Charter granted by King John in 1201 and which chart a fascinating history of civic life and business through the ages. For more details about the documents in Wells City Archives, click here.

The care of all of these and their promotion through exhibitions is overseen by the Archives & Civic Assets Committee and the City's Archivist.

For information on contacting the City Archivist and on visiting Wells City Archives, please click here.

King Richard II

Illuminated capital letter ‘R’ containing a portrait of King Richard II, rare on a charter of this date, from Letters Patent of King Richard II, 1394 (Wells City Charter No. 13)
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