Wells In Bloom

Wells In Bloom flowers

Wells In Bloom aims to make the City of Wells attractive to both it's residents and tourists and to involve the community and schools so that as many people as possible can get involved and take pride in how their City looks.

If you would like to get involved then click here to download a pdf entry form.

Wells City Council was approached in 2000 by an independent Wells In Bloom group with a view to becoming a joint committee. Up until this point Wells In Bloom had been struggling to survive, due to insurance and health and safety problems. Becoming a joint committee meant that many facilities opened up to them to help with the management of the group and it's members.

Most of the funding for the programme each year is raised through sponsorship and the work of the supporters.  At last count there were 36 people who volunteered to help in some way, be it to garden or maintain the plants, to liase with the schools and to help organise the community competitions. These volunteers are kept busy throughout the year organising for both the summer and the winter planting.

The plants are not donated, due to the number required for both the winter and the summer planting, Wells In Bloom purchase the plants at trade rates and use a company that specialise in supplying parks and gardens.  Shops who support Wells are encouraged to use Browne's Nursery for their individual baskets. Brownes Nursery are very supportive and supply the transport to enable watering of every floral basket, bed and display throughout the summer months. http://www.brownes-gc.co.uk/

Wells in Bloom and its volunteers have won many awards in the past including 'Pennant - Town to City, Gold' in the RHS Britain in Bloom South West 2014, ‘Best Public Building’ ‘Best Town’ and the 'Gold Award' in South West in Bloom.  

WIB volunteers

There is a team of over 20 volunteers who regularly help to plant out and maintain these beautiful flowers.

If you would like to volunteer and help us then please do get in contact.
Email our receptionist who will forward your message on to the Chairman of Wells In Bloom.
Click here to go to our contact us page.

Wells In Bloom also has a lot of wonderful local sponsors, who generously donate money, if you feel you could donate as well then please do get in touch via our contact us page.







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