Cross Street Banner

Cross Street Banner, Wells High Street, Somerset

If you are holding an event and would like to place a cross street banner across Wells High Street then please read the following:

Firstly you will need to contact Somerset County Council to gain consent to erect a banner, bunting or decorations across/along the highway in accordance with section 178, the hightways act 1980.

Once you have confirmation from Somerset Country Council you can then approach Wells City Council, where records are kept of the banners to be erected. This procedure should enable us to keep a record of which banners are due to be displayed and the availability of locations.
Anyone who does not follow the correct procedures risk having their banner(s) removed from display.

Click this link to download a pdf application form.

Then return your completed form to:

Wells City Council offices
Wells Town Hall
Market Place
Somerset  BA5 2RB

PLEASE NOTE: Banners cannot be displayed across the High Street in Wells when Christmas decorations/lights are erected (this period being after the November Carnival until early January).

Cross Street Banner, Wells High Street, Somerset

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