Burcott Road Allotments
Public interest in allotments has undergone a recent revival in line with current thinking on healthy eating, organic food and exercise. This has created a greater demand for allotments in some areas, which is critical to protecting them from a change of use in the future as a consequence of disuse or dereliction.

Allotments are valuable green spaces and community assets that can help improve people's quality of life by promoting healthy food, exercise and community interaction.  They are places which bring all sections of the community together and provide opportunities for people to grow their own produce as part of the long term promotion of sustainability and healthy living.


Allotments in Wells
Wells City Council lets 58 allotments at three different locations within the City of Wells.

  • 32 behind the Bishop's Palace
  • 16 at Burcott Road
  • 10 at Barnes Close

Annual Fees (from 1st October 2020 - 30th September 2021 no increase this year)
Small plot  =  £50
Large plot  =  £75

Due to the recent increase in allotment popularity, there is a long waiting list and the waiting list is reserved for people who live within the city boundary of Wells.
Please use this link city boundary of Wells map or scroll to the bottom of the page where there is an interactive map.

*Please note that due to the long waiting list, our renewed policy is that anyone wishing to go on the list will not be allowed to specify a preference and they will have to either take the first plot they are offered or be removed from the waiting list.

If you would like to put your name down on our waiting list, then please print, fill out, sign and return this document to us at Wells Town Hall.
Click here to download the waiting list form.

If you are unable to print the document then please contact us with your name and address and we will post one to you.


Burcott Road AllotmentsRhubarb
Allotments are uniquely protected through the legislative and planning framework within the wider context of a firm national policy to improve the quality of urban green spaces.

Government has strengthened the policies and protections afforded to allotments and in 2002 strengthened the criteria for disposing of statutory allotments and revised planning guidance (PPG17), within the wider context of a firm national policy to improve the quality of urban green spaces.

The planning system through PPG17 (Planning for open space, sport and recreation) and PPS3 (Housing) provides a robust framework for the protection of urban green spaces including allotments and sets out that allotments should not be considered as previously developed land. PPG17 recognises allotments, community gardens and city farms in its typology of open spaces and sets out that Local Authorities should undertake robust assessments of the needs of their local community for open space.

Allotments are further protected by specific legislation and their disposal is governed by a robust consents regime. To dispose of a statutory allotment a local authority musty obtain consent from the Secretary of State under Section 8 of the Allotments Act 1925.




The three allotment sites in Wells.

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Boundary of Wells

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