Portway Annexe


Disposal of The Portway Annex Building, Wells, as an Asset of Community Value
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Portway Annexe - WCC - Public Draft

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Portway Annexe WCC Update
Wells City Council has taken the decision to try to retain the Portway Annexe in public ownership.   The work this involves is being supported by the Portway Annexe Committee (PAC)

The PAC has established two working groups to develop Public Consultation and Business Plans respectively, with a further two groups to ensure residents living near the Annexe and community groups can contribute their views.  There are two non-voting places at the PAC reserved for local residents as well as community groups representatives. Please contact any of the City councillors for further information or more specifically:

Cllr Louis Abagani for the Community Groups Working Group
Cllr Rachel Humphries for the Local Residents Working Group
Cllr Adrian I’Anson for the Public Consultation Working Group
Sarah Briton for the Business Plan Working Group as well as the Portway Annexe Committee in general.

Follow this link to view the Minutes of the Portway Annexe meetings.

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