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    17 May 2022

    The Portway Annexe Grand Opening

    The Portway Annexe Grand Opening

    Saturday saw the grand opening of the Portway Annexe!

    Mayor Stewart Cursley cut the ribbon at 11am, allowing members of the public to openly view the Portway Annexe for the first time.

    Adrian I'Anson, who was previously on the Portway Annexe Management Committee, made a speech thanking those who made it possible and who pushed for the building to be kept in public ownership.

    Thanks we're given to John Osman for helping secure the building, Jeremy Brown for all the building and renovation, the Council Staff for their time and commitment, and local residents of whom have offered crucial feedback.

    The Portway Annexe is now open for hire. If you are interested, please contact Alex via or call 01749 673091

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