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    Councillor Advice Surgery

    Open to the public on Monday 13th February from 6pm at Wells Town Hall.

    Cllr Deborah Woolven-Orrett and Cllr Isa Von Mensenkampff will be available to advise members of the public on any concerns or points they may wish to put forward to Wells City Council.



    15 December 2021

    Upcycle your decorations this year!

    Upcycle your decorations this year!

    May be an image of text that says "salt-dought decorations Foliage wreath From From.your garden Pompom wreaths Pinecone baubles Foliage wreath from your garden rag wreath dried citrus sllces Cardboard star garlands Loo-roll stars tube taingeroread house Glass jar tea-light holders Re-paint aldi baubles Fabric cone trees"Making your own Christmas decorations is not only a great Christmas activity, it is also a fantastic way to upcycle things you may have lying around.

    This year, why not try making your own wreath from scrap fabric? All you need is a hoop (or you could fashion one out of an old metal coat hanger) and some strips of fabric (such as old clothing)!

    You could go out for a walk and scavenge some pinecones, paint the tips white and hang them on the tree! Simple, cheap, easy and beautiful!

    If you have some oranges that are on the turn, dried orange slices make beautiful (and fragrant) decorations!

    Of course, we all have decorations we bring out year after year! And fairy lights play a big role in Christmas magic. To ensure you are not wasting electricity, look for LED bulbs, and put your lights on a timer; this will remove the risk of leaving them on all night after a couple of glasses of mulled wine!May be an image of text

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