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    Councillor Advice Surgery

    Open to the public on Monday 13th February from 6pm at Wells Town Hall.

    Cllr Deborah Woolven-Orrett and Cllr Isa Von Mensenkampff will be available to advise members of the public on any concerns or points they may wish to put forward to Wells City Council.



    14 December 2021

    Reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas with these easy steps!

    Reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas with these easy steps!

    There is no doubt about it, food is a big part of our Christmas celebration. From the chocolate in our advent calendars to the big Christmas dinner, food brings us together.

    It is easy to get swept up in the festivities and overindulge. Over 1/3 of us in the UK feel we buy, eat and waste more at Christmas than at any other time of the year. Getting savvy with the food shop and re-using leftovers are great ways to reduce festive food waste. LoveFoodHateWaste have lots of great recipes to help you make the most of your food!

    Leftover potato-hash is a great way to use your leftover potatoes and veggies:

    Or if you fancy something a bit different to the usual leftover dishes, why not try making a turkey Pad Thai?

    You could also give fermentation a go! Fermentation is a fantastic way to keep food fresh for longer whilst creating a healthy, delicious snack that is fantastic for your digestive system! This easy recipe for fermented carrots is a great way to start:

    Another way to reduce your Christmas carbon footprint is to cut back on meat. There are lots of plant-based and vegetarian alternatives to try! You could start with simple changes to holiday classics such as vegan mince pies or vegetarian sausage rolls.

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