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    25 February 2022

    Nearly Gone Veg!

    Nearly Gone Veg!

    According to WRAP, 80% of food waste comes from households!

    Changing the way we think about food, and finding ways to use food rather than throwing it away, is a great place to start to reduce waste.

    Vegetables are fab; they are good for you, good value and versatile! There are lots of ways to use up leftover vegetables and some wonderful recipes for vegetables that need using up quickly. 
    Of course, soup is a fantastic way to make a meal from vegetables reaching the end of their time! There are loads of recipes available for all manner of soups. Most vegetables can go in a soup, although you might not want to try all of them in one pot. No matter how confident you are in your culinary skills, soup can make adaptable meals.

    If you have a slow-cooker, you can simply throw your nearly-gone veg in the pot in the morning, with some stock and seasoning, and voila! A meal will be ready for you when you get home! Here are 8 slow-cooker soup recipes by BBC’s Good Food: 

    Pasta vegetable bakes are another great way to use up veg on the turn! This is a great meal to make with kids- teaching chopping skills and encouraging the eating of veg! And if you want to use up even more perishables from your cupboard, you could substitute the pasta for potatoes! Here are some ideas by the BBC’s Good Food: 

    It is always worth mentioning, storing your food appropriately will make perishables last longer.
    LoveFoodHateWaste’s A-Z Food storage guide is a great place to start; 

    Every little thing we can do to reduce our food waste will help make a difference.

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